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Gatlinburg Landscape Lighting


As landscape lighting designers, we specialize in landscape and architectural lighting in Gatlinburg, TN. Enhance your home or cabin’s ambiance and curb appeal with our landscape lighting services. The most popular types of landscape lighting we provide are up lighting, wall wash lighting, path lighting, tree mount down lighting, hardscape lighting and bistro lighting. We also provide specialty fixtures for docks, core drilled in-grade fixtures and other niche applications.

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Types of Fixtures

Up Lighting

Up lights can be used to highlight architectural features of a home or highlight trees and shrubs in the landscaping.  Our designers use a variety of styles of up lights with various intensities and beam spreads to make your home warm and inviting and your outdoor lighting design exceptional.

Wall Wash Fixtures

Wall wash fixtures are similar to up lights but generally cast a wider softer spread over larger surfaces.  These are perfect for neighborhood entrance signs or large walls and shrubs that need gentle illumination.  

Path Lighting

Path lights are generally the most visible fixture on your property.  They are important for setting an ambiance and for safety on steps and sidewalks.  They can lead your guest to your front entrance or down a path in the back.  With path lighting, there are countless styles to choose from, from subtle and traditional to sleek and modern.  There are also in-grade marker lights that can illuminate a path and are barely visible during the day.  

Tree lighting

Tree mount down lighting creates a dramatic effect on paths or driveways and can also highlight landscaping features from above. Fixtures are mounted high up in the trees and create interesting shadowing from the branches below. Our tree climbers mount the fixtures and wire to account for tree growth and longevity of the system.

Hardscape Lighting

Hardscape fixtures are mounted directly to landscaping walls and retaining walls to gently illuminate the stone structure below.  These help provide a defined boundary on a patio or even serve as a subtle path light to guide you and your guests. 

Bistro Lighting

Bistro lighting creates a fun festive atmosphere on patios, docks or between trees.  We use commercial grade strings and custom 2×2 aluminum posts for a sleek professional installation.  These can be controlled with the landscape lighting system or separately to suit your needs. 

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