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Our lighting installation process


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Initial Estimate

There are many ways to start the process with us. You can call, email, or even text us to schedule our first appointment. We will gather your name, address, phone number, and email address that we will use later to send the design and estimate. We will communicate with you throughout the project so you know exactly what to expect.

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The goal of our initial consultation is to evaluate the unique features of your property and determine focal points for evening illumination. By talking directly with you, the homeowner, we can reveal your personal tastes and preferences and match your vision with our expertise and experience in lighting design.

During this meeting, we will walk the property and take photos to be used in the design phase. We take note of what areas of the property are most important to illuminate for aesthetic reasons, for safety around decks and steps, and for security. It is important that we discuss general budgeting constraints so we can put together the best possible plan and meet your budget.

This entire consultation process typically takes less than one hour.

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Design and Estimate

After the consultation, our design team reflects on the conversation and reviews photos and areal images to put together a comprehensive plan. The written design generally consists of 4 elements:


1.  An overview of the various lighting systems we offer based on budget and personal preferences: Aluminum, Brass, and Copper.

2.  A description and photograph of the recommended fixtures that would work best for your property and to match your budget.

3.  Where possible, an aerial image of your property and estimated placement of each fixture. We use this sitemap to keep designers, homeowners, and installers on the same page.

4.  Where possible, a detailed image of the placement of each fixture and where the light source will be focused. This will help the homeowner visualize the end result.


The estimate will be broken down into the cost for each fixture, labor, materials, and all of the extras. We take the time so you know exactly what you are investing in. After all parties agree on the estimate, a 50% deposit is required before ordering and scheduling of the installation.

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The installation process is where our plan truly comes alive.  Our team can install most systems in one business day and in many cases, does not require the homeowner to be on site. We take the time to trench lines underground (not just cover wires with mulch) and we use the strongest wire connections in the industry to ensure many years of trouble-free enjoyment.  Our install crews will leave your yard looking better than we found it and all you will be left with is a beautiful landscape lighting system.

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Like any other part of your home, your outdoor lighting system will require occasional maintenance. Limelight offers 1 year of free maintenance for any system we install. After that first year, we offer yearly maintenance packages to ensure your system is running like new. Our maintenance packages include:

Inspection of fixture placement and recommend possible enhancements as landscaping may change over time.

Straighten and adjust fixtures.

Rebury exposed wire due to erosion, root growth or foot traffic.

Identify possible wire breaks and repair them.

Clean lenses where mulch and debris have accumulated.

Trim and remove landscape overgrowth that may be limiting fixture’s output.

Check proper voltage output at the transformer and ensure proper wire connections.

Clean debris and insects from outdoor transformers.

Check and reset automatic timing and operational controls.


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